Kegerators and Draft Beer Parts

A home beverage dispenser is the perfect appliance for beer lovers. When dispensing beer or coffee it is called a Kegerator or Beer Tapper. Kegerators can be configured to serve from 1 to 3 draft beers at the same time. Draft beer is usually fresher and better preserved. We carry Kegerators for any budget. We also have faucets, single, double and triple Stainless steel towers, branded tap handles, regulators, and everything you need to customize your dispenser.

Owning a Kegerator can save you money because not only is beer less expensive by the keg but you customize the size of your pour. No more wasting beer you don’t want to drink when you open it. They are perfect for homebrewers who make their own beer, it is much faster to clean and sanitize one keg than 48 bottles. They are ideal for those who just like better tasting commercial beers. You can set the carbonation to exactly what you like and often brewers will make an entirely different product for the keg instead of what is bottled or canned.

Javarators are beverage dispensers configured for cold brewed coffee. You can customize your Javarator to dispense nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee. There simply is no way you can get that beautiful “Nitro-Pour” head any other way. Nitro coffee tastes richer and creamier.

Draft Beer and Nitro Coffee Parts
Tavern Service has big selection of hard to find Draft Beer Parts and Equipment. From routine items like beer-line cleaning supplies to rare things like a Guinness tap, we carry it. You can find CO2 and Nitrogen regulators, all common sizes of tubing, all keg couplers, beer faucets and their components, we’ve got it.
Same for homebrewers: We have all sizes of ball lock kegs, all ways to rack your beer into them, and all the CO2 needs including the cylinder to dispense them.
See our extensive library of informative YouTube videos and Blogs for help in troubleshooting and repairing most beer problems.
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